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WebWorks Intl' Going Green

As part of its ongoing effort to improve its services, preserve Mother Nature and lower its own Carbon Footprint, WebWorks Intl' revealed last weekend that it will offer its clients the option to go paperless. Starting in December, WebWorks Intl's clients will have the ability to sign into the Web site to view and pay their invoices electronically. Partnering with PayPal, one of the worlds most renowned and used payment services, WebWorks Intl' is offering its customers to pay by credit card or electronic checks while simultaneously saving money on printing, stamps and paper. The cost of accepting electronic payment will not be passed on to WebWorks Intl's customers, but instead payed by WebWorks Intl' as part of its mission of improving services and preserve the Blue Planet. The site will also allow customers to set alerts for upcoming bills, download invoices for record keeping as well as modify or add a whole (new) range of services like SEO, email hosting, which includes anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities, and FTP access to their site(s).

WebWorks Intl' Reveals New Web Site

On Monday, January 18, WebWorks unveiled its new Web Site. Several months in the making, boasting a fresh look, advanced features and a redesigned logo, it reflects WebWorks Intl's growth over recent years. It was time to update our Web site to better reflect the transformation WebWorks Intl' has gone through, explained WebWorks Intl' owner Sven Thirion. About two years ago WebWorks Intl' commissioned renowned Chicagoan artist Thom Chiccelli to redesign WebWorks Intl's logo to better portray the company's vision and its commitment to quality. Over the last few months, WebWorks Intl' worked on incorporating its new services into the site, design an enhanced customer section to allow clients to interact and customize their services, set alerts and review invoices. It's all about our customers, Sven Thirion of WebWorks Intl' explains. Empowering them to take care of business from the comfort of their desks, whenever they want. WebWorks Intl' Web site and services are now available 24/7. No phone calls, emails or snail mail. Customize services, review work in progress, check out new features, interact with developers, all just a mouse click away!

WebWorks Intl' Site Wins International Award!

Best Website AwardTinley Park Economic Development is the recipient of  the “2005 Best Economic Development Web site Award” from the International Economic Development Council. Among hundreds of nominations, this web site was recognized as the best web site for cities 50,000 to 200,000 population. Mayor Edward Zabrocki accepted the award at the IEDC Annual Conference in Chicago.  The award recognizes the support of Mayor Zabrocki; Trustee Patrick Rea, chairman of Finance and Economic Development; Trustee Dave Seaman, Trustee Greg Hannon, Trustee Matt Hefferman, Trustee Mike Bettenhausen, and Trustee Brian Maher; plus the work of Ivan Baker, economic development director, Donna Framke, marketing director, and Sven Thirion of WebWorks Intl'.