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WebWorks Intl's Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. When you provide information to us via our Web site, we protect it according to our policy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Who Is a Typical User of the WebWorks Intl' Web Site?
WebWorks Intl' is a IT consulting company and provides services as BPM, Web design, Web development, Web hosting, EFL, custom programming, database design, Search Engine optimalization, logo design, animation and domain registration. Its users therfore are business looking for those services. The information collected during browsing is solely used to improve your online experience and does not contain any identifyable information.We do not store any information provided to us, unless it is needed to conduct your business transaction with us.

What Information Do We Collect Online?
Unless otherwise stated in another, more specific policy on the Web pages you are viewing, we collect the following types of information when you browse our Web site:
  • The Web pages your Internet browser visits;
  • Aggregate data, such as the number of hits per week, per Web page.
  • Information you provide directly, such as your contact information is e-mailed to us, but never stored.
  • The only information that is stored is information necessary to conduct business.
How Do We Use This Information?
WebWorks Intl' does not rent or sell customer lists to other companies. Instead, we use information collected via the Web site in the following ways:
  • For information you provide directly, such as ordering information or e-mail messages, we use the information to respond to your orders and requests.
  • For some registration and use data, we may direct you to particular Web pages, customize the Web pages you see, or otherwise increase the relevance of the information you access through the Web site.
  • For information about Web pages visited, page hits per week, and the like, we use this information internally to improve the design of our Web pages.
  • WebWorks Intl' may use third-party storage or service-provider companies to perform some functions including the processing of data.

WebWorks Intl' may disclose information to protect our rights or property, to enforce our terms of use and legal notices, as required or permitted by law, or at the request of government regulators or other law enforcement officials and the courts (including the issuance of a valid subpoena). We have no duty to notify you of such compliance with the law.

E-Mail Lists
WebWorks Intl' maintains an e-mail lists to keep interested parties informed about our company, events, products, support, and more. We do not sell the addresses on our list or make them available to our business partners, sponsors, or service providers.

Users may voluntarily request to join our mailing lists by signing up or opting in through a form on our Web site. Conducting business with us will not get you added. To be removed from our mailing list, simply contact us now.

Information Storage and Updates
You can update your contact information by contacting us at any time. We may keep all information in an off-line form, for archival purposes or as otherwise required by law.

Web Site Revisions
We constantly update the features of our Web site to better serve you and all our customers, so this policy may also be revised from time to time. WebWorks Intl' may modify this policy without advance notice and any modifications are effective when they are posted here. By using our Web site, you indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms of the policy posted at the time of your use. If you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience.

June 30, 2009